The Cast

  • Dillon Davis
  • Riley Bayer
  • Asa Ambrister
  • Kimberly Groom
  • Steph Twomey
  • Kolby Vannatta
  • Storm Sloan
  • Daniel Morgan
Dillon Davis
Dillion Davis


Dillon is a Tennessee native with dreams of being a professional comedic performer/writer for the rest of his life. He graduated from the University of Tennessee at Martin with a BFA in theatre and has been using his degree every day! This is his first production with Inebriated Shakespeare and he’s VERY excited about it (enthusiasm is his greatest gift) and he hopes he’ll get to do even more with them in the future. He can be found enjoying the company of his wife Asa, dog Jolene, and more often than not he’s performing at Third Coast Comedy Club in Nashville, TN.

Riley Bayer


Riley is excited to be making his debut with Inebriated Shakespeare. He graduated with a degree in Theatre & Cinema with a concentration in acting and directing/writing at Missouri Western State University. His past acting credits include; Spirit: The Authentic Story of the Bell Witch (Drewey Bell), Of Mice & Men (Lennie), We Will Rock You (Brit/Aretha), If/Then (Deputy Mayor/Ensemble) and Sense & Sensibly (John Dashwood). Shakespeare is what started Riley’s career in performing, and is grateful to still be working in a fun environment.

Asa Ambrister

Polonius/Guildenstern/Grave Digger

Asa is returning for his fifth season with Inebriated Shakespeare and has been with the company since its inception. He is a graduate of The American Musical and Dramatic Academy based in New York. He is also a skilled director, honing his craft for community and college productions for the last several years.

Kimberly Groom


Kimberly is excited to be joining Inebriated Shakespeare for a second season! Her previous roles include Capulet in Inebriated Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet (complete with fake beard) and Lucentio in Inebriated Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew (sans beard). An ardent literary nerd, she is currently completing a degree in Library Science. Feel free to ask her for book recommendations (seriously). She is thrilled and grateful to be performing with such a talented troupe. 

Steph Twomey


Steph is very excited to debut in her first season with Inebriated Shakespeare! Though this will be her first time performing with these talented folks in Inebriated, she’s performed alongside many of them throughout Nashville in prior productions. Some performances include Holding the Man with KB Productions, If/Then and Hair presented by Circle Players, and Cecil in Dangerous Liaisons presented by Way off Broadway. Enjoy the show! 

Kolby Vannatta


This marks Kolby’s second year doing Inebriated Shakespeare and he can’t wait to down a few shots for your entertainment. Last year, he was Baptista and Grumio in The Taming of the Shrew. But really, he’s really just a

boy with a simple dream and a cat. Also, he likes cinnamon rolls and cheesy horror films.

Storm Sloan


Storm is so happy to be back here! This marks her second season with Inebriated Shakespeare. She is a graduate of Belmont University with degrees in both acting and history. If you came last year, you probably

saw her as Gremio in Taming of the Shrew. Most recently, you might have seen her in Spirit at the Bell Witch Festival or with Summer Shakespeare in The Tempest and Pericles. Follow her on social media @thestormsloan to keep up with her projects and shenanigans!

Daniel Morgan


Daniel Morgan is back with a vengeance for his 4th season with the company. Some of his classic performances include Picasso in Picasso at the Lapin Agile and recently as Azolan in Les Liaisons Dangereuses. Hailing from Lexington, KY he started acting on a whim in 2012. Give him plenty of shots and he’ll boastfully tell you about all the super cool stuff he’s done and endlessly talk about wrestling. 

The Story

H amlet, the Prince of Denmark, returns home from university to discover the world-shattering news that, not only is his father (OldHamlet) newly dead, but that his mother, Gertrude, has marriedOld Hamlet’s brother, Claudius, and Claudius is now king.These resulting instabilities have also led to threats of invasion by a solider from a neighboring state, Fortinbras. Late one night, the ghost of Hamlet’s father appears to him, accusing Claudius of his murder and urging Hamlet to revenge. This sets in motion a train of events that destroys both family and state.No longer able to trust his own senses, the loyalty of his old friends, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, or even the affections of his young love, Ophelia, Hamlet fakes madness in an attempt to provide himself with proof that the ghost is telling the truth. Aided only by his most loyal companion, Horatio, he persuades a traveling band of actors to re-enact the story of his father’s murder in front of Claudius and Gertrude, hoping that Claudius will be so stirred by remorse that he will confess his crime.During an intense meeting with his mother, Hamlet hears a noise and realizes that they are being spied upon. In rage, he stabs the hidden eavesdropper, believing it to be Claudius. Instead his discovers it is the King’s adviser, Polonius, father to both Ophelia and her brother, Laertes. Polonius dies. Afraid of what Hamlet might do next, Claudius has him arrested and dispatched to England under guard, where he has arranged to have Hamlet murdered. Hamlet escapes, returns to his homeland and finally achieves his revenge. Ophelia, having been violently rejected by Hamlet, hears that her father has been murdered. She loses her mind and eventually drowns herself. Her brother, Laertes, returns to court at the head of an angry mob, determined to find out the truth. Claudius convinces him that Hamlet is the only guilty party and agrees to help Laertes gain revenge.On learning of Hamlet’s escape and return to his homeland, Claudius convinces Laertes to challenge Hamlet to a fencing match and advises Laertes on how to kill Hamlet during the duel without arousing suspicion. Asa back-up plan, Claudius also poisons a glass of wine which he intends to offer to Hamlet. Gertrude, however, drinks from the glass first and dies.

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