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Fri, Aug 12 @7pm


Yazoo Tap Room

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A Midsummer Night’s Dream begins in Athens, where Theseus, Duke of Athens and Hippolyta are preparing for an elaborate wedding. Despite the upcoming nuptials and festivities that surround a nobleman’s marriage, Egeus brings a legal dispute before Theseus demanding the death penalty for his disobedient daughter, Hermia who refuses to marry the man of his choosing, Demetrius.  The young Athenian lady and her lover, Lysander hightail it into the enchanted wood, with Demetrius trailing after her. The enchanted wood, where fairies reign over a gorgeous and lush natural world of magic, wonder, and mischief. At the same time three thespians are preparing a play to cap off the wedding festivities of the Duke, making the mistake to rehearse in the enchanted forest away from prying eyes.

We ask that all patrons bring CASH for the purchase of shots for the actors, helping them get “Inebriated.” With every donation of $5 or more from you, our audience, our players can receive life-saving sustenance in the form of a shot of top-shelf liquor.

Proceeds also go towards supporting our mission to entertain & educate audiences with a fresh and modern-ish take on the works of the literary lush himself, William Shakespeare.

Support the Cause. Wearith the Bard.

ONLY a $30 Donation

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