What those ladies and gents art saying...

Inebriated Shakespeare is an incredibly fun and unique program that our audience loves! The team of Actors and Directors are all a pleasure to work with, and do everything the right way to ensure for a fun and successful evening.

Mike Simon The City Winery

Inebriated Shakespeare puts a twist on the classical Shakespeare like you've never seen before. It's great seeing professional actors placed in a state of inebriation and having to continue in a drunken spirit that fully embodies the show must go on.

Luke Watson Third Coast Comedy Club

The most amazing troupe of individuals we've ever encountered. Versatile, ingenious, and on their way to being black-out drunk. This is NOT a show to miss

Kirin Haller The East Room

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    • MEET THE CAST! Kimberly Groom (Romeo & Juliet: Capulet, The Taming of the Shrew: Lucentio/Haberdasher) Kimberly is excited to make her triumphant return to the stage, following a recent hiatus. An ardent literary nerd, this will be her first time performing the Bard's work. She is thrilled and grateful to be performing with such a talented troupe. See Kimberly on New Years Eve in Romeo and Juliet when the Inebriated Shakespeare season kicks off at the Music Valley Event Center!
  • drunkardCrown_wht

    "For a quart of ale is meal for a king"

    William Shakespeare